Working at a Gun Shop

It is a decent job really, but not anything more than that. My uncle found me a job with this gun shop. I went in this morning and my first sale was a Butler Creek scope cover for a hunting rifle. Of course a rifle scope is not a toy, it is a highly precise optical system and so you have to take care of it. You do not want to have it take impacts and you obviously want to keep it as clean as is possible. I was really surprised at how many military style weapons this place had in stock. Of course I am fresh out of the US Marine Corps and I have seen a great many military weapons. In the corps they issued me an M-4 carbine and taught me how to use. I was good enough at it to become an instructor and that is why this guy hired me.

Of course they have laws about gun safety programmes and that is what I am supposed to do. The guy who owns the place is a real gun nut and he is planning to build a real shooting range. He has a bunch of land around his gun shop and there is not too much else near the place. So you could shoot off guns all day and all night without bothering a lot of people. First you have to build an embankment. You need to have a big wall of earth behind the targets and you need a lot of land. Of course a good rifle is going to have a range of over a mile, although not many people will be able to hit anything at half that range. So far is not very close to having the place ready for what he says that he wants.