We Were the First Ones to Make a Request for a Temporary Roof on a Commercial Building

We bought a piece of property to build our own business on. We had the budget for a single story building at the time, but we wanted to be able to easily add a second floor later on. We got a company that specializes in roofing installation in Queens NY to design a roof that could be put on and last for five years, pass code requirements and then be pulled up and have the roof actually be the floor for the second story. The architect designed the walls to support a second story later on, but getting the roof approved for short term use was a little bit of a problem.

Working out the numbers to build a new place, especially a commercial structure, can be daunting. We did not want to put down a roof that would last for 30 years only to pull it up in five. But we needed one that would last through five New York winters and not leak as well as pass code. The goal was to use materials that were not as costly as a long lasting roof so we could put the money toward the second level later on. Sure, its an issue to be operating on such as close margin, but that is the nature of business nowadays. The big stores use complex computer algorithms to not have too much inventory in stock so it frees up millions in cash flow. Everyone has a plan to get through to the next business day. Ours was to build our new store, make profits for five years, build our second level, attract more customers and then go on from there.

The company that does roofing installation in Queens NY gave us a great deal since we contracted to use them for the flat roof once we had the second level added on. We stayed local for all of our construction needs to help support the community we do business in. Three years in and no leaks on our roof!