We Had a Very New Experience After Our Last Hotel Stay

Having heard about bed bugs at random times in life, I never put much thought into them because I had never dealt with them before. I don’t even know anyone else who has either. But I quickly found myself battling them after we stayed a hotel that was a bit dubious when it comes to cleanliness. Soon after we arrived home again, we immediately began looking for help with bed bug removal services after we realized that we had brought them into our home thanks to our hotel visit. We always thought that these types of things only happen in other people’s homes, and we never imagined that we would be battling them on our very own turf.

It all started when we went on a family vacation. We had made reservations at a very nice hotel. However, neither my wife or I followed up after we made our reservations. We had been given a convfirmation number the very first time my wife called and set the dates that we were to arrived and leave, but we simply forgot to call back to check to make sure everything was in order before we left on our trip. On the day that we arrived, they had no record at all of us ever calling. And if that wasn’t enough, it was a holiday weekend and they were booked solid. There was no room for us, so we found a budget hotel nearby to stay at.

We had some trouble in the budget hotel when we found ourselves itching repeatedly. We weren’t sure what the problem was, though. When we all got home again, we realized that we had tiny bites on our bodies and we itched every time we got into our beds. We realized then that we brought home bed bugs with us. There is no way to get rid of them on your own, so we called to get help with eradicating them.