Traditional Chinese Medicine Helped with Gastric Issues

I had heard of traditional Chinese medicine before, but I really did not know what all it entailed. I knew that it was a more homeopathic approach to what ails a person, but I never had the need to find out more about it. That all changed when I started having abdominal issues that would not go away. My doctor prescribed medication for me, but the side effects were pretty rough on me. I decided to visit a TCM clinic to see if there was anything that could be done in a more natural way because I was too miserable to continue with what I had been doing.

I did not make this decision lightly at all. I went online and learned what I could about Traditional Chinese Medicine. I like that it is more about natural healing than anything else, and I also liked that there were so many positive reviews about the results from going down this road to healing. I made an appointment with a local clinic that practices TCM after checking out their doctors. Everyone passed my checks with flying colors, and I was actually eager for my first appointment.

Everyone at the clinic was very friendly, and I knew that I was putting myself into good hands. The doctor asked me various questions about my gastric issues, and I also told him what my other doctor had done for me. I explained that the pills were causing me just as much pain in other ways, and he told me to stop taking them since they were not helping. As a replacement, he gave me a couple of herbal suggestions, and I have been taking both for about a month now. I no longer have the debilitating pain I was having, and it feels so good to resume a normal life.