This is Really Living the Life

I visited my friend at her new apartment about six months ago, and I was really surprised at just how nice it is. I had only been to one other apartment in my entire life, and it really left a bad taste in my mouth as far as apartment living goes. I knew that I never wanted to live in one myself, but that attitude changed when I saw hers. I started looking at different complexes in my own area, and that is how i found the District South apartments, which is where I now live.

I am really glad that I went to her apartment and saw how nice the modern ones are because I would have never looked at the apartment complex where I am now. The one I had visited before was so old, the rooms were tiny, and it had a really awful odor in the hallways. This place is nothing like that. It is extremely modern, and it has so many amenities, both in the apartment itself as well as the ones everyone who lives here can enjoy together. My favorite thing outside is the swimming pool because it is just so relaxing and never crowded when I want to use it.

The inside of the apartment is really nice too though. I love how tall the ceilings are because I have always wanted to have one of those huge Christmas trees. I never could with any of the other places I have lived because of the average height ceilings, so that is going to be a real treat this year. There is so much more though, including the granite countertops that makes the kitchen look amazing, the washer and dryer that is included, and the private balcony I have too. This is really living the life!