This Company Cares About Your Business

When I signed on to be a part time cleaner in Singapore, I didn’t really take the idea of cleaning homes that seriously. I’m a young guy who needed some extra money in order to support my way through the university, and a classmate said I should check out the company he works at because the pay is great and they’re very flexible about the hours that you can work. That seemed perfect to me since I’m carrying a very heavy load this semester and couldn’t spend a lot of time worrying about a job. I still needed some money though.

I went in for an interview and it went off without a hitch largely due to my friend putting in a good word for me. In fact, I got assigned to his cleaning crew. The best thing about this job is that the company takes everything very seriously while still treating their employees like first class people. Can’t show up for a shift? Not a problem as long as you call in and explain the situation. Need some extra hours? Again, call in and they’ll line you up for some extra money and it isn’t a problem at all.

I love working with my crew, too. You would think cleaning a dirty apartment or house would be a real drag, and it could be, but it isn’t in our crew. Everyone gets along and we all laugh and joke with each other as we clean our way through a home. This makes the hours fly by and it feels more like a social gathering than a job. I like the work so much that I’m planning on putting in some serious hours over the holiday break so I can earn enough money to pay for my new textbooks next semester.