This Apartment is Perfect for Me

I was looking for at two bedroom apartments for North Charleston, and I honestly was not sure if I was going to be able to find one that suited my needs. I live by myself, but it was very important that I have two bedrooms because I wanted to use one for my home office. I don’t work from home for my main income, but I do work from home on what I hope will be my future income. I take it very seriously, which is why I wanted a separate room for my home office.

As soon as I saw the two bedroom unit that is on two stories at Peppertree Apartments, I knew that it was meant for me. I looked at the layout and knew that it was perfect. The main floor has a very large living room on one side of the stairs. On the other side is the kitchen and dining room, and there is also a half bath next to the kitchen. There is also a really large patio off of the living room, and there is even storage out there. What really excites me though is what you have when you go up the steps.

On the second floor, there is a bedroom to one side and another on the other side of the steps. Off the one bedroom is a balcony that has an additional storage closet at the end of it. With the other bedroom, there is a large walk in closet plus the full bath. I decided to take the bedroom with the balcony for my own room, and the other bedroom as my office. They are roughly the same size, but I really like the idea of having a balcony that I can sit on right before I go to sleep at night. This apartment is perfect for me!