The Only Way for Us to Relax is to Vacation Where Things Are Calm and Peaceful

Every year, my wife and I look forward to our vacation time because we have jobs that really keep us active and wear us out. However, we often found that we do not like the fast paced nature of racing around to see and do a lot of things in every city that we go to. We found what we love best when we checked out some luxury rentals in Cabo San Lucas this year, though. Things are slow and beautiful there. No one is in a rush to do and see everything. Instead, the people who go there are interested in pure relaxation.

We have done a lot of the vacations that are popular in our country that most people do. They almost always involve trying to cram in as much as we can see and do. We have also gone over to Europe several times. Now, visiting many different European countries is most definitely a trip that will be hectic. Knowing that you can’t get back there easily or quickly whenever you want to means that you will want to see as much as you possibly can. Each night, we found ourselves falling into our hotel beds absolutely exhausted. We even found that we were often so tired by 7 or 8PM at night from all the weekend and rushing around that we would go to sleep early, then we would wake up at around 3AM when nothing is open for us to visit.

On the advice of friends, we decided to try out Mexico. We found that all the different places you can go to to see in the visit we went to are not rushed activities at all. Slow lunches overlooking the ocean. Showing up at a designated time to go snorkeling and things like that. We really have no interest in going anywhere else at this point. We will be coming back to this same place for a slow, unhurried vacation.