The Best Home for the Four of Us

I have had my life planned for nearly as long as I can remember. Even when I was just a kid, I knew what my priorities were, and I made sure I stayed true to them. When I went to university, I met the love of my life. That is the one time I deviated from my plans, because I did not want to wait to marry her, which is what I had to do if I stuck to it. We looked at an ad for a New Futura condo in Singapore after she told me she was expecting not one but two babies, because we wanted to be established in our new home before we had any children.

Even though the babies were not even born then, we both planned for our next home with them 100 percent in mind. We knew they would not be attending school yet, but we wanted to make sure that the condo development we chose would be in a great school district. It turns out that New Futura is perfect for us in every way. It is located in District 9, which means we are close to my work as well as immediate family members, like both sets of grandparents.

It is also remote when compared with other new condo developments, which is perfect. We both liked the hustle and bustle of the city when we were younger, but this next phase of our lives meant a more peaceful setting was necessary. Just because it is remote and peaceful does not mean that it is not equipped with all the amenities that we want. There is a pool, a children’s play area, a rain shower area, a place to work out and walk, and much, much more. This is going to make the best home possible for the four of us!