She’s Like Family to Us

I consider all of the workers at my company to be like a family. They’ve been working for me for many years, and we’re all pretty close. When the secretary of the company became sick from the corona virus, I was devastated to learn the news, as was everyone else at the company. We were all worried about her health and sent out best wishes and prayers for her. I had to find a secretary from one of the corporate secretarial services in Singapore to handle the secretary role while our secretary was battling the virus from a hospital bed.

Given how contagious the virus can be, none of us were allowed to see the secretary in the hospital. She was having trouble breathing and had to be placed on a ventilator, which scared everyone. We didn’t want to think about the worst possible thing that could happen, but we had to deal with the possibility that our secretary might not survive. I couldn’t get any sleep because I was constantly thinking about the state of our secretary. Finally the tide began to turn for our secretary, as she was able to talk to us over the phone and told us that she was recovering.

Our secretary is going to be released from the hospital soon so she can finish her recovery at home. Since the worst is behind us, everyone has been able to focus on their work more clearly. The secretary that I hired from the secretarial service has been doing an excellent job throughout this entire ordeal. Since she didn’t know the other secretary personally like we did, she probably had an easier time handling the work because she didn’t have to worry as much. She also probably had an easier time because she’s naturally good at her job.