Moving Closer to My Best Friend is Really Good for Both of Us

My sister asked me to come visit her, and I thought that would be a great idea since we had not seen each other in three years. She lives in Daytona Beach, and I had always wanted to visit there. She had moved there for a new job and had so many things to say that are positive about the city. She always told me she loves it here and does not want to ever leave. So getting to visit sounded like a lot of fun. I ended up looking for apartments in Daytona Beach FL when I was there after I ended up really liking it there myself. That was a great surprise for both of us.

My sister and I are really close to one another. We have a brother, but he is a lot older than the two of us. He lives across the country and has a family of his own. We do keep in touch with him via email and phone, but he is an executive who works a lot of hours. We do what we can to make sure to stay in contact with him, though. There is only one year difference in age between me and my sister, so we are the two in our family of three siblings who spent the most time together when we were growing up. I think that it would even be safe to say that we are also best friends.

I loved the city where my sister has been living and I liked her apartment complex as well. I ended up taking a look at three different apartment complexes that are located on her street. The one next door to hers had one for rent, so I rented that one. My sister was pretty pleased to learn that I would be moving so close to her.