May Have to Sue My Insurer

It certainly is not what I am eager to do, but I am thinking that at this point I may have to get a good Sacramento personal injury attorney and sue my insurance company. It probably would be better if I could just make them certain that this is what I am going to do, because that really does nothing for either them or for me. The sensible thing for us to do is to sit down and come to a reasonable agreement, although that may not be what the guy I got seems to think. The way I see it, this guy seems to be new to the job and he is trying to impress his superiors. The way that you do that is pretty obvious, you strike a really hard bargain and you save the company a whole bunch of money. That does not work for me obviously, because this money is what I need to pay a great big pile of bills that have been collecting while I was not able to work.

At any rate the insurance company is being really obnoxious, but that does not mean that I want to split the settlement with a lawyer. That is especially true when there is simply no reason for. I am perfectly qualified for the task of determining exactly what they should give me. Of course I do not ask for that, because they would not give it to me if they thought that was what I was asking for. Instead I add a certain percentage to the total and then they can argue me down from there. Right now I am trying to go over the head of the guy they have representing them, because I figure a more experienced person would understand how this works.