Making a Difference in Their Lives

When I decided to hold a charity event for a local family that had really come up against some hard times due to severe medical issues, I decided the best way I could get the word out was by making flyers. I was just going to have some printed up and then put around different businesses in town, but someone told me that was probably not a good idea. He said that there is a company that does flyer distribution in Singapore, and they would make sure that more people would see the flyer than if it was tacked to a bulletin board at a business.

I thought that sounded really good, so I had him send me the website for the company that does this kind of work. I was happy to see that they also do the printing of the flyers. I had the design already in mind, and I had one of my employees who is good with graphic design do the final flyer design. It looks amazing, and I definitely did not want it to get lost in a sea of other notices that the bulletin boards at local stores and businesses all have.

I looked at the pricing structure for the company that distributes the flyers, and I was able to see that their fees for printing and distributing the flyers to thousands of people are a lot cheaper than I would have ever expected. I contacted the company to see what the turnaround time would be as well as the different areas they cover. They answered both of those questions as well as a few others that I didn’t even think to ask at first. To make a long story short, they ended up handing out thousands of flyers, and we were able to really make a difference to that family!