Investigating Our Daughter’s Online Activities

It would be pretty funny for someone like me to employ a Snapchat hack in order to spy on our daughter. I’m a middle age woman and up until a few months ago I didn’t even know anything about Snapchat. I am not that tech savvy. I can do email and some social media and that is the extent of my online abilities. But our daughter is very savvy and uses all the latest technology to communicate with her friends. I swear she lives on her phone, as do most of her friends. And that’s a problem.

It used to not be a problem, but after our daughter started getting into trouble at school, my husband and I suspected she was moving with the wrong crowd. We noticed she wasn’t hanging around with her old school friends and she was very secretive about what she was doing and with whom. Asking questions got us nowhere, and I didn’t like the idea of following her around town in the car. Besides, she would likely spot my vehicle and wouldn’t meet up with her new friends. That is why I decided to hack her Snapchat account and find out who she messages.

I found a hack online and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. I figured there was a way to get in, but that I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to do it. With this hack you simply put in the person’s user account name and then press a button. As long as my daughter’s device is online, which it always is, the hack promised to work quickly. And it did. In no time at all we learned she’s hanging out with a much older crowd. We’re in the process of putting a stop to her shenanigans right now and it’s all due to this amazing Snapchat hack.