I Use the Internet for So Many Things in Life

I love to get online to keep up with things. To illustrate, I may simply search to find out who will marry elsy el-chayeb or who she is dating. It is interesting how technology allows us to keep up with these kinds of things. I remember a time when no one had a computer or access to anything online, and we were all in the dark. But now, I can look up just about anything within mere seconds. I do this daily for many different things. It really helps me, and even though I lived during a time where home computers were unheard of, I don’t know how I got along very well back then with so little access to information about most things.

I can remember my dad getting frustrated with me because of all the questions I had for him about life. Oh, he tried to be patient. He answered as many things as he could. But just an hour or so after I would ask him one thing and get an answer, I would come back at him with 3 or more questions about things. He would answer, and of course, I would come at him time and time again throughout the day with many more. I could not figure out why it would frustrate him, but as I grew older, I realized that it embarrassed him to not have every answer for me. He did not like to have to answer with, “I don’t know, son.” This is especially true when I would then ask, “But why don’t you know the answers, dad?”

These days, my dad brings up how inquisitive back then and laughs about it. He says that he knew early on that I was very bright and smart. He also admits that he didn’t like not having answers for me. He felt inadequate. We both love to comb the Internet to learn about things now that we can so easily.