I Needed the Geese to Be Gone

I manage a strip mall here in New Jersey. I am a hands on kind of manager, and I regularly go to the mall just to look around and make sure everything is okay. I went one day last summer to do a surprise look, and I was the one who got the surprise. There was geese excrement everywhere. I picked the right day to do my tour because the geese had not been there the day before. I went back to my office to research Canada geese control in NJ because I knew that this was a problem that had to be taken care of right away.

What I knew about Canada geese could fill a couple of lines on one piece of sheet paper. I actually did not even know that I had a Canada geese problem at the strip mall. I just figured it was a variety of birds causing all the issues. The more I read about Canada geese though, the more I knew that they were the culprits. I was surprised at how aggressive they can be too, so I knew I needed to find a company that would help eliminate them from the strip mall.

I picked a local company that has a stellar reputation on a local review site, and I can see why after dealing with them over this Canada geese issue. They came out and assessed the situation first. They then offered me several options, but I truly was clueless on which one I should do. I asked them their top suggestion, so they put spikes and netting up on the roof. They explained that this makes it so the geese have no where to roost, so they will seek that elsewhere. It worked too, and I am very grateful for that because the last thing I want is the awful mess that geese leave behind.