I Know My Father Would Approve of What I’m Doing

Getting things done at the factory that I inherited from my father was harder than I thought it would be. I had worked there for many years, and I had a lot of good ideas about what we needed to do to streamline work so that we could increase our work output. When he passed away, the factory was left to me. I began looking into Hougen Rotabroach cutters and a variety of other things to help our workers do their job more efficiently and much more easily, while also being able to increase the amount of work that we put out to keep our customers satisfied as well. It was going to take a lot of work, but I missed dad a lot, and staying busy was helping me to keep my mind off of the pain of losing him.

I knew that dad would be proud of me for making changes to the way that work is carried out. He often listened patiently while I told him my ideas when the business was still his. By the time I finished talking, a slow smile would spread across his face and he would tell me how proud of me that he was. I always told him that I learned from the best, and I would not have all those ideas if he had not trained me well in the first place. He told me that one day, I would have my chance to make some great changes around the place. I just didn’t realize how quickly that would come to be.

Not long after I was put in charge, I met with representatives from a variety of companies to learn about their cutting products. And the ones made by Hougen seemed to be exactly what we needed. After I bought what we needed and our employees began using them, I got a lot of positive feedback on how much easier and efficient it made their daily work days.