I Had My Tattoo Relocated

My husband and I both went and got tattoos that have our daughter’s name with small hearts around it. We just love her so much and wanted the world to know she owns both of our hearts. When my boss told me that the only way I would be promoted was if I had my tattoo removed, I completely understood. I had no problem making an appointment with an aesthetic doctor in Singapore because I knew that I could just replace it with one that is on my belly or even my shoulder where it would not be seen.

I suppose I should have thought of that when I got the tattoo but I was just so excited about having a matching one with my husband. Before I had it removed, I had the same tattoo artist put an identical one close to where my own heart is, but so it cannot be seen if I am wearing any kind of business attire. I have an extremely professional job, so I knew i would not be wearing anything low cut for any kind of work event or function. Only then did I make the appointment to start the process of having the one on my arm removed.

It was a very simple process even though I had to go in multiple times. There was no pain whatsoever because it was a laser procedure that took care of it. There was some redness in the area at first, but now you cannot even tell that I had a tattoo there. Even when I look really close, I am not able to see anything. It did not take me long after that to get the promotion that I had worked so hard to get. My husband still has his tattoo on his arm, but he is thinking about having it relocated like I did mine now that he sees how easy the entire process was for me.