I Found My Forever Home

I was not in the market for a new condo, but all of that changed when I first saw the plans for the Singapore New Futura condo development a while back. I knew that I would end up moving one day when I was older. After seeing New Futura though, I knew that I would probably not find another place as nice as this no matter how long I waited. That is why it did not make any sense to wait when I was looking at exactly what I wanted to have.

The main reason this appealed to me is the location. I know that my work location will never change since I own my company. I was living in a condo that is right in the city, which had always been okay for me. After seeing the location of New Futura though, I liked that it had an isolated feel to it even though everything I could possibly want or need is within minutes of it. I also really liked the layout of the condo towers. When you go there, it is not a sea of cars and buildings. The tenant parking is underneath the towers, giving it a very clean look.

I looked at the features available to anyone who lives there, but my main focus was on the floor plans. I wanted to make sure that I would be comfortable since I can be quite particular. I looked at the three bedroom condo and knew that comfort was not going to be a problem there at all. I showed it to my two daughters, and they both fell in love with it too. That was all I needed to know that this was going to be our new home as soon as it was available. We are now living here, and I know that I will never live anywhere else now.