I Found a Great New Apartment

I really was not planning upon moving, but this friend of mine called me up one day and he had a really good deal. I went over to check out the place and it was really pretty sweet, a luxury apartment complex. This is the website if you want to check it out. Obviously you have to pay for luxury and this was more of it than I could afford by myself. It was not that sort of deal though, this was a three bedroom place that already had two roommates and needed another. I liked what I saw and there was not any reason I could not get out of my lease, it was not even in my name to be honest. I moved in here two roommates ago and they never made me sign anything so long as I paid the rent. Of course they were likely thinking that this would allow them to get rid of me any time they wanted and make the next tenant pay a higher rate.

The place has a couple of things that I do not have now and so I am really going to enjoy it. There is a gym which is really nice, they have no gym at all here and I have been trying to lose weight. Right now it is easy to go outside I can ride my bike or go for a run almost any time of the day unless it is really hot, in which case I need to wait until dark or get out of bed early. It is going to start to get colder before long and obviously the days will get shorter too, so that having a gym to work out in would be a big deal. Of course I am thinking that an exercise bike or a rowing machine would be less painful for my knees as well.