I Am Going to Move to Westbrooke Place

I was on the website for Westbrooke Place and was really interested in learning as much as I could about it. Click here to learn more about the features of the apartment complex, stated one section, so that is what I did. I was really impressed when I saw everything that is available to the residents who live there. I have looked at a lot of websites for apartment complexes, and this one has impressed me the most, simply because of the sheer amount of amenities and features that are available to tenants and their guests.

To start with, have you ever heard of an apartment complex offering free breakfast to the tenants on weekdays? I never have, and that intrigued me to find out what else this place offers. The Washington Post is free to tenants and is available on every floor of the complex. A lot of people in the city ride bicycles because it is so much more convenient, and there is bicycle storage available for all tenants. For those who do want to drive their cars, garage parking is available for an additional fee, which is still less expensive than what the city garages will charge for the same thing.

There is a courtyard where people can gather and enjoy spending time together, or they can choose to do this on the rooftop terrace. If the rooftop is chosen for the gatherings, then cooking can be included because there are grills located throughout the terrace up there. There is an indoor heated lap pool, which is located right next to the fitness center that has the most modern equipment available. There really is nothing that Westbrooke Place does not offer its tenants, and a lot that they do. That is why this is going to be where I call home very soon!