Hurt My Back Because of This Jerk

I was on my way home from the basketball games when it happened. My oldest daughter is one of the best point guards around here and she had a really great game, although in truth the opposition was not really very good. I did not end up at the Sacramento chiropractic clinic because of the accident, but instead I ended up getting involved with the fool who hit us. He had been drinking, although he was not drunk in my opinion. He was definitely a really big jerk. He was claiming that I had made him hit the rear bumper of my car and he threw this wild punch at me, that was a real mistake. However I probably got a little too excited when I showed him how big of a mistake he was making. When the police got there I was sitting on his back holding his arm, which put them in an awkward position. Obviously they had no idea if I had any right to do this to the guy.

It was probably lucky for me that the guy was as big a jerk with the police as he was with me. Of course when you hit someone in the rear end of their car, then there is not much question as to who is at fault in the accident. There were witnesses too, although in fact all of the ones that stuck around were the other players’ families. We had gone to get pizza to celebrate a win, just like we do whether we win or not. It was the next morning before I realized that my back was thrown out. It was not really that big of a shock to me, since I have a history of back problems. I just have to go see a chiropractor occasionally.