Hot Air on a Hotter Sunday

One of the worst things is to be in a room without working air conditioning in the middle of spring or summer. I had the displeasure of experiencing this while I was a church not too long ago. One Sunday afternoon, the air stopped working, and everyone began to sweat and wave their fans. Being in a hot room is bad enough, but when you’re in it with at least 100 people, it gets worse because of all the body heat circulating through the air. The pastor called for air conditioning repair in NYC during the middle of the service.

One person suggested that we should take the sermon outside while waiting for the repair worker to arrive, but it was hotter outside than it was inside. I think some of the older people would have passed out from heat stroke if they sat out in the sun for too long. Luckily the repair worker was able to come within minutes of the pastor making the call. He fixed the air conditioner in a few minutes and the pastor was back to finishing his sermon. There was only 30 minutes left in the sermon, so it went by quickly.

That incident with the air conditioner made me want to attend the morning church services instead of the afternoon service. Although I have to wake up earlier to attend the service, the temperature is much cooler than in the day, so if a day happens like the one when the air conditioner stopped working, it wouldn’t be as hot. The only thing I would really have to worry about is falling asleep during the sermon. I’ve seen a few people do it before, but no one else seems to notice. They usually wake up at just the right moments so it seems like they were always awake.