Hiring Residential Cleaning Experts for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. I see the calendar slip from October into November and know that the cooking, baking, gift buying, decorating and entertaining of guests is right around the corner. It is also premarked on every new calendar I get each year to call for residential cleaning services for our home. I have a career that is just as busy as my husband’s. However, we still like to go all out for the holidays. We get our house in order for our relatives to stay a few days by getting the house, drapes and carpets professionally cleaned.

All of the summer grime and dust from open windows and tons of traffic coming and going throughout the house gets sucked up, wiped down and washed away by the professional company we hire. We also hire a handyman to fix little things that have broken, loosened, got squeaky or otherwise are not working right. Then we do not have to tell guests things such as reminding them to jiggle the handle on the guest room bath’s toilet.

Having a clean house to receive holiday guests takes a lot of stress off of both of us too. We do not have to apologize for the appearance of anything. The house looks really good after a visit from our local residential cleaning experts. Our family who visits thinks we have it all together since stuff looks good during the busiest time of the year.

It just takes a little planning and budgeting to get the work done. It saves us an incredible amount of time, and permits us to enjoy the holidays rather than stressing over them. I do not mind the baking, decorating or gift buying. Those are holiday traditions. However, I also do not mind outsourcing the major cleaning tasks of carpet and wall scrubbing and drapery cleaning either.