I Needed the Geese to Be Gone

I manage a strip mall here in New Jersey. I am a hands on kind of manager, and I regularly go to the mall just to look around and make sure everything is okay. I went one day last summer to do a surprise look, and I was the one who got the surprise. There was geese excrement everywhere. I picked the right day to do my tour because the geese had not been there the day before. I went back to my office to research Canada geese control in NJ because I knew that this was a problem that had to be taken care of right away.

What I knew about Canada geese could fill a couple of lines on one piece of sheet paper. I actually did not even know that I had a Canada geese problem at the strip mall. I just figured it was a variety of birds causing all the issues. The more I read about Canada geese though, the more I knew that they were the culprits. Continue reading I Needed the Geese to Be Gone

This Company Cares About Your Business

When I signed on to be a part time cleaner in Singapore, I didn’t really take the idea of cleaning homes that seriously. I’m a young guy who needed some extra money in order to support my way through the university, and a classmate said I should check out the company he works at because the pay is great and they’re very flexible about the hours that you can work. That seemed perfect to me since I’m carrying a very heavy load this semester and couldn’t spend a lot of time worrying about a job. I still needed some money though.

I went in for an interview and it went off without a hitch largely due to my friend putting in a good word for me. In fact, I got assigned to his cleaning crew. The best thing about this job is that the company takes everything very seriously while still treating their employees like first class people. Continue reading This Company Cares About Your Business

Getting a Physic Tutor for My Daughter

My daughter is always striving to get the best grades possible. She came home from school the other day and was very upset about a Physics test that she got a B on. Most people would agree that a B on any test is a good grade, but not in the eyes of my daughter. She strives to get the best grades and remain at the top of her class in order to prepare herself for college. To better achieve this goal, she asked me if I would consider paying for physics tuition to help her improve her grades in Physics.

As a mother, that was a proud moment for me to have my child go the extra step and ask for help in her studies. Most kids would be satisfied with the grades my daughter receives. To see her have the motivation and take the initiative to perform better in school says a lot about her character. Of course, I told her we could find her a tutor to help her better understand the Physics course she was taking in school. Continue reading Getting a Physic Tutor for My Daughter