My Son Was in an Accident

My son loves everything about baseball. He played on a Little League team as soon as he met the age requirements, and he has not stopped since. He is in high school now, and he wants to play college ball as well. This last season, he thought his dreams were dashed when he was in a car accident on the way home from a game. He did not get hurt as badly as some of the others, but he was still in a lot of pain. After he was released from the hospital, I contacted a Camas chiropractor because my son was still in a considerable amount of pain.

Thankfully no bones were broken, and the doctor at the hospital was not able to find anything else wrong with him either as far as major injuries. Continue reading My Son Was in an Accident

I Had My Tattoo Relocated

My husband and I both went and got tattoos that have our daughter’s name with small hearts around it. We just love her so much and wanted the world to know she owns both of our hearts. When my boss told me that the only way I would be promoted was if I had my tattoo removed, I completely understood. I had no problem making an appointment with an aesthetic doctor in Singapore because I knew that I could just replace it with one that is on my belly or even my shoulder where it would not be seen.

I suppose I should have thought of that when I got the tattoo but I was just so excited about having a matching one with my husband. Continue reading I Had My Tattoo Relocated