Coach is Going to Move Me to Safety

I pretty much knew it was going to happen, mainly because the team is really lacking in speed in the defensive backfield. It does not bother me in the least, they gave me a scholarship and my objective is to graduate. I had a redshirt year and I worked really hard on the computer science degree. At any rate I am going to have to drop the weight I needed at middle linebacker, you are getting hit so much it is necessary. I working on speed drills and taking meal replacement shakes for weight loss. I use one of them for breakfast every day and some days I take two or three of them instead of meals. That is not a lot of fun, but it is part of the bargain. The team used to need a bigger and stronger version of me, now they need a smaller and faster version.

In fact I am still going to be playing the same role at times. The new defensive coordinator is explaining it to me and in fact this is going to be sort of a hybrid role, which requires the safety to act as both a linebacker and a defensive back depending on the situation and the scheme. He has been showing me tape of different guys who have done similar things, but the idea is that you want to confuse the other team’s quarterback. You want him to think that you are dropping into coverage when you are about to come after him hard and obviously you want him to think that you are going to blitz him when you are really about to drop back and cover the tight end. The entire basis of most games is to confuse the opponent and make them do the wrong thing at the wrong time.