A Rare Hail Storm Damages the Roof

It is not often you need roof repair in Brooklyn NY, but such was the case due to a rare hail storm that moved through the city recently. We’ve lived her for almost ten years and never even worried about repairing the roof let alone replacing it. Then the storm rolled in. At first I thought it was going to miss us, then I heard what sounded like a lot of big hammers constantly hitting the roof. We waited until it stopped and then went outside to survey the damage. Kids were outside throwing hail stones at one another.

These stones were pretty big so immediately I felt concerned about the roof. I grew up in the Midwest and knew that these types of stones usually necessitate having a completely new roof put on your home. I was really hoping we wouldn’t need a new roof due to the high deductible on our home insurance. It was going to cost a lot no matter what. I ended up calling a company that does repairs and replacements and waited to see what they would say. Hopefully we could work something out that wouldn’t empty my bank account.

It turns out there was definitely damage. Fortunately the guy who inspected the roof thought I could probably get away with some repairs on two areas of the roof. He did suggest I look into replacing the whole thing but also conceded that it was unlikely we would get another hail storm any time soon. They sent a crew out and they had the repairs done in about two hours, which I thought was very quick. They took it easy on me with the bill, too, which I greatly appreciated. I don’t know when I’ll get around to replacing the roof, but when it happens this company will get my business.