A Long List of What I Want in an Apartment

There were certain things I wanted when I started looking at Stone Oak apartments in San Antonio TX. I had a list of community amenities that I wanted as well as a list for apartment features that I was hoping to get. I knew that it was a long shot, but I figured some of the luxury apartment complexes would come close to what I wanted. When I saw that everything I wanted was at Regency at Lookout Canyon, I knew that I was going to move there.

For the community amenities, I wanted a swimming pool as well as a fitness center. I also wanted to have a place on the grounds where my two dogs can walk and play, so the dog park on the premises was the perfect solution for that. There is also a huge clubhouse where I can meet my neighbors and hopefully make some friendships since I will be spending a lot of my time away from work at the complex. I also liked that it is gated, and the last thing that really pleased me is that it is so close to a place where I can take my mountain bike.

As for the inside of the apartment, I wanted appliances already there as well as ceiling fans. I am not the type to always run my air conditioner because I get cold easy. I did want to be able to have the air circulate around without having to have big box fans in each room. Because I do get cold, I also wanted to have a fireplace. When I saw that I could get all of this, and more, at the Regency at Lookout Canyon complex, I started looking at apartments immediately. It took me no time at all to find the apartment that I now call home.